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Pieces published in the press and as podcasts on the themes of The Lies that Bind: Rethinking Identity in the fall of 2018 

“Go Ahead, Speak for yourself” New York Times Opinion 

“Why social class matters, even if we don’t agree what it means” Chronicle of Higher Education 

“Five Books About Individuality” Book Marks 

“Crazy Rich Identities” The Atlantic 

“Thank you for ‘Condescending'” New York Times Magazine “First Words” 

“Can a Philosopher Help Calm the Identity-Politics Wars?” New York Magazine 

“People don’t vote for what they want. They vote for who they are.” Washington Post Outlook Perspective 

“Cultural Borrowing is Great; The Problem is Disrespect,Wall Street Journal Ideas Essay 

“Can We Choose our own Identity?” The Guardian Review 

Discussion at “Goldman Sachs Talks” 

“Kwame Anthony Appiah on race, nationalism and identity politics,” Financial Times 

“The Uses and Misuses of Identity,” New York Times Book Review Podcast 

“Identifying Identity,” Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC New York

“The Lies that Bind: Rethinking Identity” The Wright Show on

“Kwame Anthony Appiah on the Complications of Identity,” New Yorker Radio Hour with David Remnick

“Who are you? Labels matter”  conversation with Krys Boyd on THINK, KERA Dallas

“Is Identity a Mirage?” Prospect Magazine Podcast conversation with Sameer Rahim

“Anthony Appiah on ‘The Lies That Bind'” conversation with Robert Boynton at New York Institute for the Humanities at NYU

Who Am I? Who Are You? The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity conversation with Michael Shermer at Science Salon on the Skeptic website

We Should Hold Identities With a Lighter Touch conversation with Michael Enright on Canadian Broadcasting Company “Sunday Morning”

The Lies That Bind conversation with Bill Radke at KUOW Seattle (page down to the third link)


Sharing with Strangers, Canadian Center for Ethics and Public Affairs, Dalhousie University


My Spinozalens Laureate Lecture, November 24 2016, Amsterdam read here »

To listen to my BBC Reith lectures on “Mistaken Identities” go here

“There’s no such thing as Western Civilization,” The Guardian, November 9, 2016.

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Δυτικός πολιτισμός δεν υπάρχειread a Greek translation »


“The Election,” New York Review of Books November 8, 2012 Volume LIX, Number 17, 52. read the article »

“We’re Still Puzzled, New York Review of Books November 8 2012, Volume LIX, Number 17, 68-70. read the article »


“Battling with Du Bois,” The New York Review of Books, Thursday, December 8, 2011 read the article

“Grading Obama,” The Root, Thursday, November 17, 2011 read the article »

“The Apple Fell Far from the Tree,” The New York Review of Books, Thursday, May 12, 2011 read the article »

“The First Liberal,” Slate, Friday, March 11, 2011 read the article »


“Religious Faith and John Rawls,” The New York Review of Books, Thurday, December 9, 2010 read the article »

“The Art of Social Change,” The New York Times Sunday Magazine,” Sunday, October 24, 2010
read the story »

“Kwame Anthony Appiah on Honour,” The Daily Telegraph, London, Friday, October 15 2010
read the story »

“Philippa Foot,” in Time Magazine, Monday October 25 2010
read the story »

“Why I nominated Liu Xiaobo,” in Foreign Policy, Friday October 10 2010
read the story »

“China’s Burden of Shame,” in Foreign Policy, Friday October 10 2010
read the story »

“The Multicultural Mirage,” in the Toronto Globe and Mail, Commentary, Wednesday October 6, 2010
read the story »

“Science Knows Best,” in the New York Times Book Review, reviewing Sam Harris “The Moral Landscape,” October 3, 2010
read the story »

“What will future generations condemn us for?” in The Washington Post, Outlook section, September 26, 2010
read the story »

“Best Weapon Against Honor Killers: Shame,” in The Wall Streeet Journal, Life and Style, September 25, 2010
read the story »

“Malthusian Madness,” in Slate Magazine, September 23 2010
read the story »

“My Daily Read,” in the Chronicle of Higher Education, September 21 2010read the story »


An Op-Ed in the Washington Post about attacks on the media in Russia.
read the story »

A review in Slate Magazine of Alan Wolfe’s “The Future of Liberalism.”
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A short piece in the New York Times Magazine about the Epiphany Philosophers.
read the story »

An Op-Ed on fairness and taxes for the Washington Post on April 15th
read the story »

“Llegó la hora del cosmopolitismo” in El País, Madrid, January 10 2008 (Español)
read the story »

“Ser ciudadanos del mundo” in La Nacion, Buenos Aires, February 23, 2008 (Español) read the story »

2007 & earlier

“The new new philosophy” in The New York Times Magazine December 9 2007 read the story »

“A Slow Emancipation” in The New York Times Magazine March 18 2007 read the story »

“What Was Africa to Them?” in The New York Review of Books September 27 2007 read the story »

“The Case for Contamination” in The New York Times Magazine January 1 2006 read the story »

“Whose Culture Is It?” in The New York Review of Books Feb 9 2006 read the story »

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